Stretching Strap with 12 Loops to Improve Flexibility + eBook, Video - Stretch Strap for Yoga, Physical Therapy, Dance, Fitness & Pilates – Stretch Out Band for Exercises, Legs, Back & Shoulder

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Brand: TyroVim

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  • 💯 ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU & LOVED ONES...We pride ourselves on providing only 100% Eco-Friendly products and amazing UNITED STATES based support for our community of active people. We created the exclusive yoga stretching rope with EXTRA CARE and attention-to-detail to provide the most EFFICIENT experience. You can add our premium flexibility stretching strap with loops to your cart with total peace of mind, maybe the best from our accessories that we could create!
  • 🇺🇸 WHILE OTHER STRETCHING straps have poorly-sewn loop threads, are too elastic without any resistance or their material is very uncomfortable, our Professional Stretching Belt has Army DOUBLE-SEWN stitches for incredible DURABILITY and the Organic Nylon Blend offers the RIGHT resistance WITHOUT cutting your skin. Use any of the wide 12 LOOPS to increase or decrease tension, track your flexibility IMPROVEMENT and enjoy MANY OPTIONS to grip during exercises on your mat-WE VALUE YOUR PRIORITIES!
  • 🧘‍♀️ WE BEND SO WE DON'T BREAK - You want to become more flexible, do your physical therapy stretches correctly or progress to more advanced yoga poses...We created the MOST EFFICIENT machine towards these common goals. The stretching band for flexibility is designed to work with OVER 100 exercises to LOOSEN back & hamstring tension, increase your shoulders & joints range of motion, prevent muscle injuries and improve your butt & glutes workout for athletic men and women-REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!
  • 👪 OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOUR BODY & MIND HEALTHY - We've started as a small American family business with the CORE VALUE of enhancing each of our customers' life experience. That's why we took the stretch out band and added 12 non-slip loops (the first one on the market). The multi grip stretch strap it's PERFECT for beginners OR advanced stretchers, takes away the fear of injuries, replacing it with DESIRE for progress. Feel like a PRO during yoga or ballet - TREAT YOUR BODY LIKE A TEMPLE!
  • 🎁 A PERFECT GIFT FOR A SPECIAL PERSON! If you are looking for an amazing gift that has that innovative WOW factor, then you will love our multiloop stretching rope. The SLEEK COLORS are suitable for WOMEN & MEN while the PORTABLE DESIGN is easy-to-carry anywhere. The package also contains an INSTRUCTIONAL booklet with exercises and stretching tips for perfect stretch out routine. Stretching correctly reduces stress level and improves blood flow & circulation. - BE KIND, HAPPY & LIVE FREELY!

Publisher: TyroVim


TYROVIM gives you the most exclusive Stretching Strap with Loops - if you truly want to become more flexible while preventing muscle injuries & improving exercise technique!

  • Why should you choose the TyroVim Flexibility Stretch Belt?
  1. Safety is a Necessity > the innovative 12 Non-Slip Loops offer the right tension and ensure 100% stability in arms & leg!
  2. Stretch without hurting your skin > the soft neoprene handles won’t cut your hands even when holding tightly and the organic nylon blend is hypoallergenic!
  3. The Complete Flexibility Stretch Assist Strap > you won’t get just a yoga strap, but also a stretcher for Dance, Fitness, Physical Therapy & Pilates Reformer – ALL-IN-ONE!
  4. Treat your Body & Mind > stretching doesn’t just prevent injuries and improve range of motion & flexibility, but also decreases stress level & boosts your mood!
  5. Premium Value for Your Money > our Army Double-Stitched Threads offer a 5-Year Warranty & peace of mind during your booty training!
  6. A Meaningful Gift for a Special Friend > besides the Newly Designed Stretching Strap, you will receive an eBook full of exercises, tips & professional advice! 
  • Buy it once, Have it Forever – We guarantee your 110% satisfaction! If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we'll replace it for free or refund your money!
  • Become the best version of yourself – YOU DESERVE IT! Add the Original Stretching Strap with Loops to your cart and discover how a flexible body & mind can improve your daily life!
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