The Hero Complex CBD Pre Workout Vape: Why?


Since Hero Complex was launched back in early August of 2019, there has been a lot of curiosity surrounding The World's First CBD Pre Workout Energy Vape. Why the vape? How is it made? What's in it?  Is it really going to help me with my workout? These are a few of many questions that have been asked, so I decided to write a blog answering most of them. So here it is...

Why the vape?

Because it's a brilliant idea! Just kidding...kinda. But on a serious note, I've always been very big into cannabis (before I discovered CBD) as a remedy for my aches, pain, stress, anxiety, and focus. If I happened to have the right strain (Sativa) and smoked the right amount of it, I would always have the best workout and training session. My ability to overcome pain, not only from the workout itself but also from past injuries was much greater. My stress and anxiety levels were much lower. On some days, I would literally have so much circling around up in my mind that I could not work up the right energy to get in an effective workout. And my focus (because of the almost nonexistent stress and anxiety) was top notch. I could zone in on what I was trying to accomplish, without any unnecessary outside factors clouding my mindset. But that's IF I was able to find the right strain, from a street-level dealer, which most of the time wasn't the case. So I went on a quest to get my medical marijuana license and to try out many different strains that I thought would work well with my fitness routine. I was able to reassure myself that the right strain and right dosage most definitely helped me throughout my workout in all of the ways I've listed above. Although I was able to get my license and figure out what worked for me, that isn't the case for most people. On top of that, some people can't focus the right way due to the psychoactive effects of cannabis, and that's when I discovered CBD. I learned how CBD had all of the same effects of cannabis but without the psychoactive effect. Obviously I started experimenting and I was definitely a fan right away. From there, I started gaining curiosity with what I could combine it with to gain more energy and have an even more effective workout. Normal pre-workout drinks didn't do the job. They created even more anxiety, jitters, and ultimately a crash. I wanted a more natural source of energy, without a million ingredients and artificial fillers. And not only find those ingredients but how would I simplify the process? Rather than drinking or eating or taking a pill and then inhaling my CBD vape, how could I combine it all? At this point, I learned that inhalation was one of the quickest, if not THE quickest way into the bloodstream. And BOOM, there came the concept of the quickest and cleanest pre-workout on the market and The World's First CBD Pre Workout Energy Vape.


What's in this CBD Vape?

First and foremost, I had to make sure that this vape had quality Full Spectrum CBD. When discussing possible formulations with my lab, the best decision was to start with 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD. I knew I wanted an energy blend and ran a ton of possibilities not only in my head but also back and forth with the lab. This sort of digging led me to learn that caffeine is in fact vapable. The objective wasn't to get people all cracked out on caffeine, it was designed with the thought in mind to give people a nice clean pick-me-up. So to start, I decided on 3mg of caffeine. From testing tons of other vapes and flavors, I knew I wanted citrus and I knew I wanted peppermint, both of which help with energy. Peppermint essential oil and tangerine essential oil were then added to the mix. To top it off, we added terpenes to the mix, most notably Limonene, which gives the same type of effects as essential oils. And there we have it! 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD, 3mg of Caffeine, Peppermint Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, and Terpenes are the full ingredient make up of The World's First CBD Pre Workout Energy Vape.  


Is it really going to help me with my workout?

I developed this vape to help people with stress, anxiety, mental clarity, focus, and energy. It's not designed to get you all cracked out and jittery like pre workout powders, it's designed to help give you a nice clean energy pick-me-up before your workout, or throughout the day, with all of the same effects CBD has to offer. The Full Spectrum CBD will help destress you and calm down your anxiety, allowing you to have more mental clarity and focus. The energy blend, consisting of the caffeine, energy inducing essential oils, and energy inducing terpenes, will help give you a clean dose of energy quickly into your bloodstream and system. So yes! Try it out!

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